Elvis Weddings at the Original Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel
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Elvis Weddings

Elvis weddings at the ORIGINAL Las Vegas
Elvis Wedding Chapel

Today, getting married by the Elvis is as much a part of Las Vegas tradition as blackjack and neon. But imagine a time not too long ago when the Elvis Wedding didn't exist! Someone had to be the first. One Vegas chapel started it all. That chapel was Graceland Wedding Chapel. And the rest is history. Graceland is the first choice of many Las Vegas Elvis wedding chapels.

In celebration of the ceremony that has brought fun and excitement to millions of newlyweds, it's our pleasure to welcome you to ElvisWeddings.com!
Graceland Wedding Chapel
2004 Graceland Wedding Chapel. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Graceland Chapel : 619 Las Vegas Blvd. South : Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 382-0091 : (800) 824-5732 :
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